Free online memorial websites, Create a beautiful lasting memorial tribute with a free online memorial website that you can dedicate to your loved ones. Create a free online memorial website in a matter of seconds with our instant website builder then just add pictures, video, text, light a virtual candle for your loved one which will burn for eternity or mark an anniversary or birthday with a butterfly release the possibilities are endless, all for free and always will be!

Memories For Eternity also doubles as a social network dedicated to people who have lost a loved one where you can find support from friends, family and other members, join groups participate in our forum or maybe you just need a shoulder to cry on when your feeling low.

You can set up a free online memorial website anytime, start by creating a free user account giving you access to our social network and forum then when you’re ready to take the next step hit the create site button and your online memorial website will be created in seconds, it really is that simple and we can help you every step of the way if you encounter any problems.

Memorial Themes

A selection of different themes to use in your memorial websites, change theme with one click of the mouse, you can even change to a Christmas theme for the festive season, then switch back to one of our beautiful themes in January. All themes can be personalised in one way or another from the colour scheme to the layout with easy editors, no technical experience needed!

  • Rainbow Rainbow A very beautiful cloudy blue sky, rainbow, colorful balloons and great looking theme. An elegant, modern and professional theme built with simplicity in mind. Supporting the widgetized sidebar, widget-ready footer area, threaded-comments and multilevel jQuery drop-down custom menu.
  • Sunny Blue Sky Sunny Blue Sky A blue theme includes a cloudy blue sky and sun that is shining and good looking. Features widgetized multilevel menu, social icons, Twitter/Facebook widget and threaded commments.
  • Cloudy Blue Sky Cloudy Blue Sky A modern blue theme. Features widgetized multilevel menu, widgets and threaded commments.
  • Brand New Day Brand New Day A fun illustrated theme in four “flavors,”.
  • Proclouds Proclouds A light and cloudy theme that is fast-loading and great looking. Features custom header, widgets and threaded commments.
  • Ali Han Natural (Spring Theme) Ali Han Natural (Spring Theme) Spring flowers, bird, butterfly, clouds and animals Natural theme.
  • Strange Little Town (Halloween Theme) Strange Little Town (Halloween Theme) With whimsical, crooked little houses, ideal for the halloween season.
  • Haunted House Halloween Theme Haunted House Halloween Theme This dark theme is ideal to switch to over Halloween.
  • Winter Winter In the winter sunshine, glittering snowflakes,they are lovely and comforting. Template “winter” is designed by wpart. Winter support custom menu, header image, custom-background,layout choices – Content on left and Content on right . And then a small button“Back To Top”will bring more conveniences for users.
  • Spirit (Christmas Theme) Spirit (Christmas Theme) A merry and bright theme, just for the holidays!
  • Christmaspress Christmaspress The ChristmasPress theme is a simple, yet snazzy pink and purple responsive theme created especially for a modern Christmas. This theme comes packed with extras including a Christmas countdown!
  • Christmas Waltz Christmas Waltz The Christmas Waltz Theme captures the spirit of a modern Christmas. Light blues give it a cool wintery feel, accented by the warm colors of traditional Christmas symbols such as a decorated tree, mistletoe and, of course, Santa Claus.
  • Christmas Is Near Christmas Is Near A Christmas-inspired theme. Includes light snowy animation.
  • Cheer (Christmas Theme) Cheer (Christmas Theme) Celebrate the holidays with this whimsical textured theme featuring illustrations from The Fox and King.
  • Suffusion Suffusion An elegant, versatile and browser-safe theme with a power-packed set of options. It has 19 widget areas, one-column, two-column and three-column fixed-width and flexible-width formats, 10 pre-defined templates, 18 pre-defined color schemes, two customizable multi-level drop-down menus, featured posts, a magazine layout, tabbed sidebars, widgets for Twitter, Social Networks and Google Translator, translations in many languages and RTL language support. WP 3.0 Menus, Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies are integrated.
  • Elbee Elgee Elbee Elgee An extremely flexible 1, 2, or 3 column theme with over 30 possible layouts and support for widgetized sidebars, custom headers, custom backgrounds and custom navigation menus.
  • Freedream Freedream The FreeDream 2010 theme is stylish, customisable, and readable with rounded corners via CSS3, – make it yours with a custom menu, and background. FreeDream supports six widgetized areas (two in the sidebar, four in the footer) and featured images (thumbnails for gallery posts). special styles for posts in the “Asides” and “Gallery” categories, and has an optional one-column page template that removes the sidebar.
  • Blog Happens Blog Happens Blog Happens is a 2 column theme with Post Thumbnail, Custom Colors, Custom Background and Theme Options.
  • Fanwood Fanwood All-purpose, responsive (mobile friendly) theme with 12 optional layouts, per post layouts, multiple drop down menus, 18 widget areas, support for all 10 post formats, mobile compatible menus.

Please note some themes and features are reserved for our pro members.